Bulk Image Resizing Thing  v.2 1

BIRT, the Batch Image Resizing Thing, is a simple application that allows a large number of images to be resized in one go. Obviously this is possible by scripting ImageMagick but it's usually somewhat easier with a GUI.

Image Resizing  v.

Image Resizing is a picture resizing app. You select a picture from your library, you choose from a set of predefined sizes, you click on Resize, and voilA . Simple, free, no ads. V 1.1.0 update (11/03/2012) - Navigation bugs


XML gallery with rotating, moving, resizing images  v.1

This is a simple XML image gallery with movable, re sizable images.

Quick Photo Resizer

Normally, you need to resize your digital photos or other images before uploading them to the Web or sending via e-mail. This program offers an ingenious way of processing your images. You simply select a resizing scheme and drag images to the program's

RPE Photo

Digital photo resizing and printing have finally been made easy for everyone. Forget complex photo software, anyone can learn RPE in minutes! One click resizes your pictures for email. Print multiple photos with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Fix red

Rotation Pilot

Rotation Pilot is a set of handy tools for rotating, resizing, and flipping your photos. To adjust a visual slope of a photo you should only set a vertical or horizontal axle and the software will do the rest. To flip an image and rotate it clockwise or

Active Image Processing Component  v.2.0.2013.612

Load and save multiple image format like jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp and tiff. Support image resizing.Support image processing method: brightness, contrast, hue, saturation,sharpness and smoothness adjustment.Support drawing text, line and shape.

IRUS  v.1.0.4

IRUS is a simple image resizing and uploading utility. It was created to use to resize and upload images on a retail website. I think rather than trying to describe what it does it would be easier to just tell you the process for using it.

PhotoRazor  v.

PhotoRazor is a simple tool for resizing single or multiple photos at once. Digital photos of bigger size are good for printing purposes, but sharing them online can be a tough job.

JpegSizer  v.

JpegSizer provides a versatile and efficient way to resize batches of image files. Resizing typically involves reducing pixel dimensions and adjusting the JPEG quality to achieve a desired file size.

Phorest  v.

Phorest (Photo Resizing Tool) is not an image editor; it is a tool designed for quickly resize a large amount of images (keeping a constant ratio, if desired).

Imgares  v.

Imgares - powerful yet freeware batch image processing (resizing images) and slideshow maker. The image files from digital cameras are usually far too large to send over the Internet.

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